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Zanolli Conveyor Pizza Oven 26 inch Belt Gas

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A revolutionary modular tunnel oven, with the 11/65VG model capable of cooking 2x 12″” pizzas side by side thanks to the large, 26″” conveyor belt, or 225 x 8″” pizzas per hour, whilst also being able to cook grilled vegetables, fast food, and pastries.

Extremely easy to use with minimal effort required from you. Prepare your food, set the temperature and speed, place it on the belt, and the rest is done for you. There’s no need to check the product during cooking because the oven will keep it away from the heat preventing it from burning.

Step up productivity if you have a high demand for pizzas yet limited space and stack three models on top of each other.


Belt width 26″/65cm

Internal Chamber Dimension (cm) 65x110x10

External Dimension (cm) 156x200x55(+59) 24Kw

Power 82,000BTU/hr

Weight 252kg


Pizza capacity:

225 x 8″ pizzas
140 x 10″ pizzas
100 x 12″ pizzas
70 x 14″ pizzas
50 x 16″ pizzas
35 x 18″ pizzas

Easy to use electronic control panel- variable temperature and bake time and 6 saved programmes.

Forced air system for even bake across the chamber.

26″ (65cm) wide belt.

43″ (110cm) chamber length.

High quality stainless steel build.

Electric or gas powered. Electric version is 3 phase. Gas ovens require a 13 amp plug electric supply.

Can be stacked 3 high.

Easily disassembled for cleaning.

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