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Zanolli Conveyor Pizza Oven 16 inch Belt Gas

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A compact and automated pizza oven, this unit is simple to use whilst allowing you to produce consistent, high-quality pizzas with an output of 75 x 8″” pizzas per hour.

Prepare your pizza, set the temperature on the oven and the speed of the conveyor, place the pizza on the belt, and the rest is done for you! There’s no need to check how the pizza is doing as the oven will keep it away from the heat preventing it from burning.

Limited space but have a requirement to produce more pizzas than your one oven provides? This unit is capable of being stacked, 3 high, allowing you to triple productivity in the same footprint.

  • Belt width 16″/40cm
  • Internal chamber dimensions (cm) 40x58x9.5
  • External dimensions 103x130x44(+62)
  • Power 9Kw 30,700BTU/hr
  • Weight 115kg

Pizza capacity:

  • 75 x 8″ pizzas
    40 x 10″ pizzas
    25 x 12″ pizzas
    20 x 14″ pizzas
    16 x 16″ pizzas

Easy to use electronic control panel- variable temperature and bake time and 6 saved programmes.

Forced air system for even bake across the chamber.

  • 16″ (40cm) wide belt
  • 23″ (58cm) chamber length.
  • High quality stainless steel build.

Electric or gas powered. Electric version is single phase as standard, 3 phase on request. Gas ovens require a 13 amp plug electric supply.

  • Can be stacked 3 high.
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Comes with a stand.

Please note: There may be a variety of power connections available with this product, or it may require additional connection equipment. You may also want to add additional accessories such as a stand, castors or connection hoses.

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