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Manual Kebab Machine Pro

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Manual Kebab Machine Pro

Manual Kebab Maker Pro can make kebab like traditional handmade. Its mold is coated with Swiss Teflon and the body of the machine is made of stainless. Factory commercial cooking kebab machine grill cutting machine machine electric kebab gas.

Automatic Kebab Machine

Description: Our Adana and Urfa kebab skewer machine skewers 1 kebab in 4 seconds.
* With our mini model, 100 gr. You can skewer kebab until
* Zigea kebab skewer (swelling) is completely made of chrome. Steel material and all the parts used are fully food compatible and have health certificates.
* Our services, after-sales technical service spare parts supply. Usage training, how to disassemble, wash and reassemble information training.
* Although our product guaranteed for 2 years. There is a spare part repair guarantee for 10 years.
This machine is very easy and convenient to use after use.
When making kebab, the kebab has a minimum of hands, it consists of developing products (kebob), which provides a lot of benefits.
Kebab load from 50 gr to 90 gr
Some of the kitchens called this machine or “mini kebab machine”.
Shish kebab with minced meat is a difficult food.
The meat will be glued onto the skewer in such a way that it does not spill ie into the for cooking.
It can be used by the machine and the real user.
Which kebabs are made by this machine: Adana kebab, Urfa kebab and meatball (kofta) kebab from Greek.

Pro Manual Kebab Stud Machine

Product features
Swiss Teflon fingerprint pattern mold
Full Compliance with Food Hygiene Standards
Provides 50 Grams to 90 Grams of Meat Bottle Studs
Machine Preparation Time 3 Minutes
Stud Capacity 5 Pieces/Minute (300 Pieces/Hour)
Possibility of Use on Skewers with a Width of 2 cm x 2mm
No Need for Qualified Personnel
Suitable for Medium and Small Restaurant Businesses
Possibility of Washing in the Dishwasher
Small and easy access over the counter

Technicial Specifications:

Hint: electric
Electricity: 110 V – 220 V, 50-60Hz, Single Phase
Max. Funnel density: 90gr
Mold Length: 24 cm
Machine Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (46x21x44) Cm
Packaging Dimensions: Length x Width x Height (49x25x58) Cm
Net Weight: 13 Kg

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